About ZWF

This is not another old-fashioned wine exhibition.

Our goal is to provide an exclusive environment where businesses and consumers alike can enjoy innovative and memorable wine experiences.

Thanks to our unique concept of time slots with limited places, our visitors can taste wines in absolute comfort and have a closer encounter with wine experts to uncork fantastic stories.

We also host masterclasses where industry experts address relevant topics. Masterclasses are followed by an exciting networking session.

Our Story

Our festival was founded in 2020 by Mariyam Seguias and Luiis Franceschi, a wine-loving couple. However, their path in hosting wine events began years earlier when in 2016 they created the Zurich Wine Club, which today is Zurich’s largest wine club with over 2K members.

As a WSET certified and member of the Swiss Sommelier Association, Luiis brings his in-depth knowledge on all wine-related topics. As a Marketing and Event Specialist, Mariyam ideates wonderful experiences and makes the community grow every day.

Since 2016, the young couple has organized more than 100 wine events with their club, being the Zurich Wine Festival the biggest one.

Having attended so many festivals and fairs around the world, they realized that an innovative and enriching alternative was missing in Zurich. So that’s why they decided to create their own festival, to offer unique and memorable wine experiences, aimed not only at wine lovers but also at the industry to foster its growth.