At the Zurich Wine Festival we're clinking glasses not just for excellent wine, but also for a sustainable future. This year is all about eco-friendliness, from the vineyards to your glass.

Why Sustainability?

We cherish the Earth that gives us the grapes for our beloved wines. That's why we're committed to running an event that's eco-conscious and just downright awesome.

How We're Making a Difference

Minimal Glass Cleaning

We've streamlined the tasting process, allowing you to sample different wines with fewer glasses and saving water along the way.

All-Digital Experience

Say goodbye to paper waste! Our wine catalog is digital, enhancing both your experience and our planet's well-being.

Zero-Waste Policy

From plates to cutlery, everything is either reusable or compostable.

Partial Carbon Offsetting

We're committed to offsetting a portion of our carbon footprint. Every little action counts!

Bottle & Cork Recycling

All the bottles and corks used during the festival get a second life through recycling.

Support Local

Focusing on local vintners and suppliers, we're cutting down on emissions and boosting the local economy.

Contribute and Benefit

Sustainability is a collective effort, so here's how you can do your part:

  • Public Transport or Walking: Our central location makes it super convenient to walk or take public transit to the event.
  • Recycle & Win: Drop your recyclables in our designated bins and you might win a 1 year subscription to Vinum Magazine!

Green Today, Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability isn't a one-time thing. Zurich Wine Festival aims to set an example in eco-friendly event planning for the long haul.

So, let’s sip to good wine and a greener Earth. Can't wait to see you there!